Machine optimization and monitoring

Every factory is equipped with machinery. The way a machine operates and its wear and tear affects a number of parameters, of which two are the most important:

  • Number of correct products produced per day/week/month
  • Cost of producing a single product

We improve the above parameters by optimizing the process (reprogramming the system), adding additional equipment to the line, optimizing the man-machine interface, etc.

We propose a solution after a full on-site expertise.

Benefits of machine optimization and monitoring

  • Increase the availability of the machine (number of components produced)
  • Planned maintenance activities (thanks to knowledge of the machine's condition)
  • Shorter downtime
  • Knowledge of the cost of manufactured items
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Enhanced operating comfort

Optimized and monitored machine

stopwatch 1@2x

Shorter changeover time, notification if there is something wrong

danger 1@2x

Less risk of failure

Better user interaction with the machine

shield 1@2x

Greater occupational safety and reduced risk of human accidents

light-bulb 1@2x

More efficient use of resources

High quality services

We have experience in programming PLCs, robots, SCADA, vision systems, vibrodiagnostics, industrial sensors.

We use our experience to carry out an on-site expertise to determine how the machine is built, what components are used, and determine the customer’s requirements.

We perform the entire project in close cooperation with the customer. We also carry out projects related to data collection and further processing.

Benefits of using our services:
  • Quickly eliminate the risk of potential defects
  • Reducing the risk of downtime
  • Determination of production costs
  • Fully utilize the machine’s production potential