Building automation systems

Building Management System (BMS) is a fully automated building management system. The system’s task is to integrate all installations and devices operating within a facility. Implemented software allows you to control individual parameters – such as temperature, lighting, monitoring – and make scheduled or ad hoc changes to current settings.

Building automation systems are successfully used in both public institutions (e.g. hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and office buildings) and industrial enterprises (e.g. factories and production halls).

As part of the BMS, the user controls all settings from software with an intuitive graphical interface.

Automated building management system

We implement building automation systems that allow you to control temperature (heating, cooling), CO2, lighting (DALI network), as well as monitor utility consumption (water, electricity). Using the software, you can also check many other parameters – including verification of the energy class of the building.

We use our experience in the application of modern technological solutions related to building automation to improve the management of technical parameters within a company or institution.

Our solutions include:

  • execution of the concept of control system and management of utility consumption,
  • preparation of electrical diagrams,
  • delivery of necessary equipment,
  • recording of historical data of devices on the server with remote access and notification,
  • power guardian functions.